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Registered Office:
Progressive Extractions & Exports Ltd.
Shri Mohan Parisar, 232, Zone-I
Maharana Pratap (M.P) Nagar
Bhopal - 400 021,
Madhya Pradesh, India

Tel : +(91) (0755) 2558656, 2558639
Fax : +(91) (0755) 2550622


Compliance Officer:
Mr. Rakesh Bhatia
Phone: 0755-2558639

M/S Jain Dhureja & Co.
Chartered Accountants, Bhopal

Syndicate Bank Ltd.
M.P. Nagar, Bhopal.


Progressive Extractions & Exports Ltd. is a public limited Company, incorporated on 21/4/81. With over 30 yrs in business, company is engaged in the manufacturing, trading and export of solvent extraction oil, refined oil and soya meal.

In to day’s scenario looking to the high cost of production and globalization of trading activities the main emphasis of the company is on the job work operations of solvent extraction and oil refining and trading of refined oil. Simultaneously company is also looking after the new era of trading and export of various consumer soya products to increase in profitability.

The Company strongly believes in enhancing and balancing stakeholder values through good corporate governance. To pursue this objective the company has adopted its own code formulated by its experience in the field. The company has been consistently improving transparency and accountability to all its stakeholders.